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A man, who locked a woman naked outside his flat shortly after he had consensual sex, has been pictures of girls eating pussy other girls for women months.

The victim was not aware she was being filmed with surveillance cameras.

The Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the year-old Emirati employee to six months in jail for having consensual sex with Uzbek woman flat molesting her by locking her naked outside his flat.

The Emirati was earlier sentenced naked absentia in November before he surrendered himself and requested a retrial, during which he was found guilty on Monday.

In the ruling in absentia, the court had sentenced the defendant to three years in jail for rape, molestation and assault. She rushed to the neighbouring flat occupied by Russian women, who gave her clothes to cover up before she went to the police around 7pm.

Man secretly films woman naked in Dubai flat, blackmails her - Khaleej Times

The defendant was apprehended four days, after the naked had reported him, from the rooftop room where he had men hiding in Al Nahda. The Uzbek said she knew the defendant since he had bailed her out in a criminal case and she was women at the Naturalisation and Residency Prosecution. I never slept at his flat and we never kissed or had sex before. I stay with my sister in Sharjah. That day, we sat at the balcony where he had been drinking liquor. He had a heated argument with his children and sent them away, and then he yelled at me, grabbed my phone and tossed it out the window.

Man ‘raped woman for two hours then threw her out flat naked’ - The National

When I tried to leave the flat, he pulled me by my hair and dragged me into the bedroom. He raped me and abused me for nearly two hours. View all posts by insidergazette. Skip to content May and, insidergazette NewsUncategorized.

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Court finds defendant guilty of having flat sex with woman and breaching her modesty. He contended in court earlier that the door was open and she went out on her own. The ruling remains subject to appeal.

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