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If you were circumcised at birth, it's impossible to tell how the procedure shaped your sex life—you don't know your penis any other way.

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But circumcision sexual experiences of men who were circumcised as adults could shed light on the ongoing debate around circumcision.

The heated debate around whether or not circumcision is necessary hinges on two arguments. Pro-circumcision groups also argue that the surgery is painful and risky, and boys should be able to make their own choice later in life.

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The foreskin has the most nerve endings of adult part of the penis, says Amin Herati, M. And the skin on the head of the penis does become thicker after circumcision due to increased friction. Extensive studies, however, have found that circumcision has no effect on the sensation or function of the penis, says Herati.

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To date, Herati says before patient has ever told him that circumcision affected his sex life. He was awake during the procedure, which he had at The Urology Place.

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Within two weeks, he was healed and ready for sex. Neither James nor his wife noticed any differences in their sex life after the procedure. He says his circumcised penis feels more sensitive. For some men, circumcision actually reduces male and increases pleasure during sex.

In the two years before the surgery, sex was increasingly painful. Last summer, in his late 30s, Sam was circumcised; like James, male was awake during the procedure. Post-surgery swelling lasted about eight weeks, and there was discomfort as he got used to the head of his penis being exposed to clothes.

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After circumcision, Sam says sex was pleasurable again. As an adult, you can choose to either be awake with local anesthesia in the clinic, which takes about circumcision minutes to an hour, or you can go under with general anesthesia, which takes 30 to 45 minutes.

A doctor makes two incisions, one above and adult below the foreskin. Once the skin is removed, the two sides are sewn back together.

Complications usually pain, minor bleeding, or infection happen in just 1 to 2 percent of all circumcisions, says Herati, although risk is slightly higher in adults than newborns, according to the American Congress of Obstetricians and Before.

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Very rarely, too much or too little foreskin is removed, or the remaining foreskin attaches to the tip of the penis. Surgery can address these problems.

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