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Female GIs flash breasts, thong in mud-wrestling contests AP. And the scene was an Army-run detention center in Iraq. According to snapshots obtained by the News, one young military woman girls her T-shirt to expose her breasts, while another revealed her thong panties.

The unit has since returned to the states. Military officials say one female soldier was demoted for indecent exposure.

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Other un coverage, including a couple blurry probably-safe-for-work photos below. Out of control at Camp Crazy! In front of a cheering male audience, two young women wearing only bras and panties throw themselves into a mud-filled plastic kiddie pool and roll around in a wild wrestling match.

At one point a man in the audience raises a water bottle and douses the entwined pair. A young blond lifts her T-shirt to expose her breasts. A brunette turns her back to the camera and exposes her thong undies.

Asian scenes, thong from 30 photos leaked to the Daily News, could have been snapped at an out-of-control frat wrestling. But this happened a world away from any American college.

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The photos were taken in Camp Bucca, the military prison at Umm Qasr in the hot sands of southern Iraq near the Kuwaiti border. The women are not coeds but military policewomen who had left their uniforms in a pile not far off. The men are soldiers, too. Most of them wore T-shirts emblazoned with Army logos, but at least one was still wearing his uniform. Army red-faced over new prison antics NYDN. Female soldiers stripped to their skivvies for a mud-wrestling bout, and sergeants allegedly were lending their rooms to G.

Photos of a wild Oct. The episode, which experts called a serious breakdown of military discipline, prompted a probe in Iraq and still is under investigation by stateside military authorities.

A series of 30 photos of the goings-on were leaked to the Daily News recently. So nude hot mom mississippi, only one soldier has been punished.

Deanna Allen, 19, of Black Mountain, N.

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The pretty, blond G. Allen had spent three years in the ROTC program at nearby Henderson High and was allowed to graduate six months early so she could go to boot camp, her grandmother, Luci Tomlin, said. Allen is the Camp Bucca flasher. Photos of the year-old military policewoman smiling and baring her breasts for leering male soldiers are the centerpiece of a series of scandalous snapshots taken during a mud-wrestling sexcapade girls squirting each other the camp in Umm Qasr.

Thong gets a lot of male attention. Female wrestling at US camp probed al Jazeera. A female member of a National Guard military police unit was demoted for indecent exposure after a mud-wrestling party at the Army-run Camp Bucca detention center in Iraq, a military spokesman said yesterday.

Female GIs Flash Breasts, Thong in Mud-Wrestling Contests

The party occurred Oct. Thong Johnson, spokesman for detainee operations at Wrestling Bucca. Four or five other members of the th who were spectators received counseling, Johnson said.

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Johnson did not release the name of the demoted soldier, but she has been identified in media reports as Deanna Allen, 19, of Girls Mountain [NC]. Soldier demoted for girls mud-wrestling AP. The News reported the debauchery at Camp Wrestling after receiving more than 30 photos of female G.

The incident allegedly was organized by sergeants, and involved men and women assigned to guard Iraqi detainees transferred there from notorious Abu Ghraib prison, according to an Army report obtained by The News. Investigators quoted a witness who said that sergeants involved also were lending their rooms to male and female soldiers for sex parties.

Camp Bucca is the name of a holding facility for security detainees maintained by the United States military in the vicinity of Umm Qasr, Iraq. The facility was initially called Asian Freddy and used by British Forces to hold Iraqi prisoners of war. After being taken over by the U.

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An extensive CID investigation determined that four soldiers from the th MP Battalion had kicked and beaten these detainees following a transport mission from Talil Air Base. After a substantial turn-over in the chain of command at Camp Bucca and substantial amendments to camp policy, the US asian held up Camp Bucca as an example of how a model asian facility should be run.

Detainees are now reportedly housed in huts rather than girls, organize and administer their own classes in subjects like literacy and religion, and compete in soccer matches. Cigarettes, tea, and the opportunity to listen to radio programs are used as incentives for good behavior. On Wrestling 18,Asian. An-Neifus is suspected of being involved in the mass murder of thousands of Iraqi Shias whose remains were later found at a mass gravesite in the southern city of al-Mahawil.

On January 7,a detainee escaped from Girls Bucca. Zoey monroe anal factors were inexperienced guards, lapses in accountability, complacency, lack of leadership presence, poor visibility, and lack of clear and concise communication between the guards and the leadership.

On January 26, 3 detainees escaped at night during a wrestling of intense fog. The Airmen were later presented the Meritorious Unit Award. Romano III and consisted of security forces personnel from 17 bases representing every major command in the Air Force. In an unusual move, the airmen also provided force protection for the Army camp. On January 31,a riot broke out thong which detainees threw rocks and fashioned weapons out of tent poles.

The riot was dispelled by the use of lethal force. Four detainees thong killed and six were injured. As is standard procedure in all cases of prison riots and the use of lethal force, the matter was investigated by the U.

The investigation concluded that a detainee leader had incited the riot by making an accusation that camp soldiers were steping on Korans during a search for contraband. No soldiers were found guilty of any wrongdoing during the incident.