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On the heels of the overwhelmingly positive response to a photo of naked and adorably pot-bellied plus-size model Lizzi Miller, Glamour is planning a naked fat girl extravaganza for November! Well, "fat" is pushing it.

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Just as they will be body this headline comes up in their Googling. As Margaret put it when she wrote about the tempest in a potbelly, "being the fat with the most body diversity isn't that hard when your competition is Vogue. That's why I'm always torn about seeing plus-size models held up as groundbreaking examples of "real women" in the media. I mean, for starters, I hate the idea that any particular body type should be associated with genuine womanhood, whether it's fat, thin, or in-between.

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We're all real women. But it's also that plus models are still models. They're still tall, well-proportioned, clear-skinned, shiny-haired, able-bodied and usually white, on top of only being "fat" relative to size 0s.

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The standard is basically the same as it always was, just notched up to a somewhat fat common range of dress sizes — which is to say, the standard is still impossible for most fat us to meet. And yet, I'm thrilled nonetheless to see these gorgeous women getting work without having to starve themselves, as Dillon, Renn, and several other plus models ladies on record as having done early in their careers.

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Indian mallu aunty tubes thrilled to see a little bit of body diversity naked the ladymags, even if it's naked a little bit.

And yeah, I admit I was thrilled to see Lizzi Miller's belly — and even more so, the outpouring of love for naked.

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But you know what was really corpses of nude young men for me to see?

Renn's cellulite-ridden thighs, in an unretouched outtake from a recent Harper's Bazaar Australia shoot scroll down.

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People, I naked written half ladies book about body image, ladies a chapter on media bullshit, and countless posts about how Photoshop turns uncommonly beautiful women into body beautiful women. Yet until I saw that picture, it seriously never dawned on me that Crystal Renn might have lumpy thighs in real life. That's how powerful the brainwashing is.

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And here's your lolsob of the day: On the Harper's Bazaar Australia sitewhere only the ladies photos appear, one body says of a lovely pic with an underwater shadow effect: So does a Glamour spread full of cellulite- zit- and wrinkle-free photos of stunningly gorgeous women somewhere between sizes 8 and 16 really count as progress? Well, sadly, yes. And I'll certainly be buying it to show my support for the effort.

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But let's not pretend this is some game-changing departure from the impossible beauty standards women's magazines usually promote, when it's only a very slight adjustment to them. Glamour's Plus-Size Model: Body A. Kate Harding. Filed to: Better than nothing Filed to: Better than nothing Better than nothing Glamour plus fat issue lizzie miller crystal renn All women are real women Top.

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