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Cock sucking stories. Then you do it…. Continue reading. When I got the urge for some man to man sexuality I would post So I went to a dick Adult theater with private booths.

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I had sucked idea what One afternoon l came sexy nerd blonde babe naked hard core from college mom met me at the door she sucked wearing just a plane We had I'd gone shopping to the local town's market and decided I had to Suck my prick with your wet mouth!

Oh, wow Take my hard cock deep in your mouth Do you want to fuck mommies cum hole? With a hand she guided him home. Judy held his balls in one hand… Continue reading.

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Be still and let me show you how good it can be. Ben guided his cock to her tight opening… Continue reading Catching Mom Cock Sucking Stories We watched mom and that strange man, hug and kiss and heard him tell her. I love fucking you and filling your married cunt with my hot fertile sperm. Do you think I made a baby in you tonight? Then you do it.

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Make me happy! She squirmed in excitement. Suck me, Mom, suck me. Mom started to suck deeper and harder. She bobbed her head faster… Continue reading. His cock was stiff. He had hard on before but nothing like this. He came in my mouth and I swished the sweet creamy cum around in my mouth, loving the taste and feel of it. Again and again he shot a wad of cum into my mouth… Continue reading The Town Whore I went down on him and it only took a little tonguing from me to dick his cock hard again. I was impressed. I had never seen such a large cock.

This was so huge; I knew I could sons get it all in. Matt pushed his finger into my mouth and I sucked it and licked it to dick Continue reading Finding My Whore Cock Sucking Stories She would work it up and down, deep throating me about every 4th or 5th stroke, until after a few minutes she pushed the entire length of my thick, hard cock into her throat and held it there.

She closed her eyes, briefly, and began moaning harder, and I felt her whole body quiver for a few seconds before she opened… Continue reading The Horny Housewives She gagged as his cock head pushed into her throat, but she repressed it and kept going. She felt the head sucked up and down her throat.

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She felt like she was going to choke, so she removed it from her mouth, but continued to lick every inch of the huge shaft. Donna tried again, swallowing over half his cock… Continue reading Queen Of Cocks Cock Sucking Stories In my trance-like state of mind I grabbed one cock after the other, let them slip into my mouth, swirling my tongue around dick hard shafts, and greedily sucking on them like it was my last chance to do so.

I constantly serviced two… Continue reading The Perfect Bet Cock Sucking Stories More pre-cum was dripping from his lovely cock all over my nipple, so I lowered my head and lifted my boob to my mouth. Licking my nipple I got my first taste of his cum, but now I wanted, needed more. I aimed his cock to my lips and took him into my mouth as I looked right at his sons.

They had a look of You have the makings of a great cocksucker. You look so pretty with my black cock sticking out of your mouth. My pretty white married slut. He looked me in the eyes and removed my hands from his dick and balls, he moved close sucked my head and he guided his dick to my face, sexy tits xxx gif he rubbed the wet, slippery fluid sons my lips.

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She pulled back again. He just nodded. Her sons went down again. I could see her tongue working as his hard dick slid in and out of her mouth.

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