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Sex sells. Marvin Gaye, Barry White, anything that fits in the soundtrack to the immaculate, honeymoon conception of your birth as told by the commissioning editor at Cosmopolitan. No one needs that shit — especially when the only chance of love this weekend is pulling a damp one after collapsing into a Just-Eat coma on the sofa.

Instead, what you want is a playlist of songs that are undoubtedly want the art of fucking.

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This playlist includes no rock music, obviously, because that shit makes the chassis of sexual desire drier and softer than californication with a want cushion in Death Valley. Happy Valentines Day. According to his moniker, Ladies Love Cool James. Unlike men, Ciara understands desire is anticipation. What sort of eruption is Snoop Dogg on about? The jettison ofpre-humans from the pinprick of his bald-headed yogurt slinger. Follow on Twitter. This one goes out to all nude asian playboy bunnies baes that now regret eating their lover.

The good thing about Mobb Deep is they practice safe-sex.

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Example line: You know The Weeknd loves eating pussy - he talks about it a lot. This used to be sexy till Jimmy Fallon made us all soft. Like Eazy E, this song is hella confusing. It starts with a comforting, heart-tugging song call from a woman, telling Dre she loves him.

What is it about rappers that makes them intolerant to the love of a good woman?

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When your name sounds like pliers, it's not really a good idea to continually rap about pussy. Because not only is that a complete turn-off, metal-fused DIY tools are probably one of the least attractive things fuck existence. Sex, after all, is a lot like boxing: Another one to throw in the overflowing bargain bucket of man-demands-sex-from-woman-without-consultation rap songs? Nah, look into the lyrics and you find a caring Biggie Smalls who just wants a lovely night in.

I guess the legacy of Harold and Kumar lives on beyond fifteen year-old boys search histories. Arguably, Craig. With his penis. Then I fill the tub up halfway then ride it with my surfboard.

Happy Valentines Day!

About fifteen should do it. It reminds me of the drive-thru. The art of getting lucid sex songs into the daytime mainstream is to heavily utilise your metaphors, and 50 Cent nails that by allegorically turning a screw session into a place where kids hang out. Which is not weird at all.

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This track from Lady is the perfect role reversal, featuring lyrics like "can't even lie, I fuck better when I'm drankin, ride dick song a pro, throw the pussy like I'm famous. Lil Wayne is responsible for more babies than alcohol.

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