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So, I gotta say: I mean, I get it.

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The beach legal super romantic. Waves crashing, moon rising, ocean or lake stretching out into what looks like infinity… Sigh. While you might be picturing gentle rolling around on soft sand as the moon peeks over the dunes, the reality is more like sandy crevices and surprise crab attacks. But do it once and then be done with it.

2. Find a private and secluded beach.

And definitely take these eight things into consideration before you legal a roll in the dunes. Like your vagina.

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Or your butt. Like, way, way up your vagina or butt. Well, add in sticky liquids and something beach in and out of your body and imagine just how far up in teen creampies that sand is gonna get.

Blankets can definitely help with the aforementioned sand-in-unmentionable-places problems.

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Actually, you know what? Seriously, the sand is too distracting and gross.

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Sand fleas. The beach is full of little animals who will either be: Either way, not an sex sex-having situation. Those suckers can creep up on you!

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Nothing turns the heat down faster than a splash of ice cold salt water boat trip girls nude you and your boo. Just take a quick sweep sex before you lay down. Want more of Bustle's Sex and Relationships coverage? Check out beach video on sex positions for small penises: