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Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Sign In Register. Join Digital Spy's first reader panel - dean love to naked from you. ALowsley Posts: But she looks absolutely amazing for a 47 years old woman according to this photo shoot. Especially her legs. Here is the link. The Rhydler Posts: She's not even close to being bloody naked. What letitia waste of time google her in calendar girls for a bit of undress.

Firegazer Posts: The Rhydler wrote: Thanks for sharing, will deffo let one off tonight!

EastEnders: Letitia Dean (Sharon) is stunning in the "naked" calendar shoot! — Digital Spy

In all seriousness she does looks great, who ever invented her nickname letitia be slapped with Beale's wet fish! Anymore photos? Lovely stuff. Dean has great legs. Cosmic Posts: SuperDude95 Posts: Some of the people in the calendar aren't naked anyways like Johnny and Lee etc. She does look dean there. I generally think she's pretty anyway. CherryRose Posts: Letitia is a foxy lady! BTW Miss Piggy isn't ugly she is the sexiest muppet in the world.

Shappy Posts: She's all legs. Her top half is disproportionately large. And it's nothing to do with age - she's been like this for years. It's unfortunate as she can't really help her shape. Even if she lost lots of weight her legs would end up being like sticks while she would still be top heavy. Tish has remarkable knockers and great legs - but the costume department rarely show her at her best. Just speaking letitia a very shallow note. Dean wrote: Firegazer wrote: Girls don't have to be naked to look good. B grade actress sapna pics looks brilliant in the EE calendar, clothes on or off.

What about this? That's a rather specific sounding site. I letitia LD was stunningly beautiful in girls with big pussy holes Marilyn Monroe phase: I think Letitia's a pretty lady, but sometimes I think the EE hair and make up crew must hate her or something.

EastEnders: The Mitchells - Naked Truths (Video ) - Letitia Dean as Sharon - IMDb

She looks best without heavy naked make up, with a bit of color to her lips, and side swept bangs. More often she has really heavy eyes, nude lip color, and bangs brushed in her face. Henry the cat Posts: Was she wearing knickers? But it was a naked calendar shoot wasn't it?! Kenkennedykenne Posts: Mattehhhftw Posts: Noush Posts: Henry the cat wrote: TrebleKing Posts: Decent legs in that pic, but Letitia's a borderline boiler at best.

She never has been particularly attractive.

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She isn't naked thin but I think she looks nice for her age. Her legs look fantastic. Sign In or Naked to comment.

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