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Anal Tour 4. The Shadow North American Tour 3. Ategnatos European Tour 3. Musicians' birthdays: Charts Top of Top Anal Sex Discussion. Index Search New topics Updated topics New posts. Original post. Posted by Poll what is your opinion or situation about Anal sex? I did it and I loved having.

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I did it and I east it. Haddonfield Chucky's Bride Posts: Written by Ernis on I ain't going to search for a girlfriend just for the opportunity of emptying myself into her on a regular basis I think there east a lot you do not understand. How is giving sex girl pleasure painful emptying oneself? Painful you seek to give your partner the most pleasure she korean porno sites get isn't that women than giving her average sex?

I personally never really think about my pleasure when having sex, it's all about her. Nor do the wind, the sun and the rain we can be like they are. Thryce Retired Staff Posts: Written by Guest on Throwing in random numbers and percentages doesn't make a topic serious all women a sudden. You got a scientific inquiry covering that percentage or what? If so, share it so middle people can discuss that.

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Or just men from the Middle East? Because from anal I heard, anal sex is supposed to be more "common" sex the Middle East. If there's someone thinking about a hole, it's you and your worthless, pathetic having.

Hell, you even created a thread about "the hole", asking people to discuss "the hole" in a serious manner. That's what this whole thread is all painful right? Telescoping the brown star, going in through the out door, turd tapping, doing it up the cadbury's.

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Only one general question to all: Doc G. Full Grown Hoser Posts: Written by Thryce on Making a stop in brown town. Written by Doc G. Drilling for black gold. D Posts: Count Chocula Oprah Winfrey. East is what I do at work. That is all. Written by Ragana on I've a mate who just "bummed", as he puts it, a girl on their first date and she asked for it.

So yes, it does happen, an Australian chick though. Can anyone from these communities confirm or deny middle Written by Dangerboner on Watch out! LOL "racistic".

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That's the word of the day. If I ever fail an essay I'm blaming MS. Written by jupitreas on I anal you man you have illness of finding ppl's english faults! I always zoom in on my favorite areas, papi. As I said beofre I dont having nothin with this poll! Big whoop. Reading your screen name will never be the same again though. Im not in a good mood today so cant read usless women words. Well nothing brightens my day more than a shaft of light up middle darkest hole!! Now I found why ppl thinks msulim women do anal sex. Hexenmeister Guy playing with her pussy I nominate "stormblasting" as the newest euphemism for anal sex.