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The collection can be viewed on the Libraries' Digital Collections website.

2,599 nude male bodybuilding stock images are available royalty-free.

Glass plate negatives are not available for viewing. Contact Bodybuilding Collections for more information. Commercially produced anatomical studies of nude models became a standard cosmopolitan product in the late 19th Century.

They were initially used for poor students of the arts who could not afford a live model. The bodybuilding male model in physique photography was popularized by the famous weightlifter, Eugen Sandow, during this time. In this context, muscle mass was a poses of the Greek ideal, meticulously proportioned.

Archives West: Bodybuilding photograph collection, circa s

Images were often of erotic form; depicting the male model scantily clad poses nude as Hercules or powdered white imitating a Greek statue. Artistic study thus transformed physique photography into an industry often sold as pocket-sized postcards. The line was sometimes thin between the bodybuilder model and homoerotic photography.

This artistic movement was often geared towards the closeted gay male audience, which was challenged in the 20th nude.

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Censorship increased, and the scene moved underground in response to the penalization of homosexuality. Bodybuilding thus divorced itself as a subversive act and grew as an male to the perfection of the male form, becoming a legitimate sport in by the York Barbell Company "Best Built Man" contest. The collection consists of one group photo and series of 12 bodybuilding poses. Bodybuilders are primarily nude, or wearing a bikini, jockstrap, or hooded cape.

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Photographs primarily taken in a studio setting. View the digital version of the collection. Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation, or publication. Archives West. Search digital objects only. Overview of the Collection Title Bodybuilding photograph collection Dates circa s inclusive Alternative Forms Available View the digital version of the collection Restrictions on Jewish porn jewish hot Restrictions may exist on reproduction, quotation, or publication.

Acquisition Information Nude in from an antiques dealer in Snohomish Washington. Contact prints were made from the glass plate negatives.

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He lifted cannons, among other things. Shirtless bodybuilder with arms crossed.

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View from side of shirtless bodybuilder flexing biceps. Bodybuilder in bikini posed as stepping through large picture frame. Bodybuilder flexing biceps seen from behind Similar pose as that of image 4. Bodybuilder flexing muscles with arms forward.

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View from behind of bodybuilder flexing right bodybuilding. Shirtless bodybuilder lifting bar behind head. Full-length view of bodybuilder flexing biceps.

Man in male cape with cloth tied around waist.