Plain women with small boobs

Small Boob Struggles

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Dealing with gaping in the cups of your bra because your boobs don't fill them all the way out. Expecting at least SOME cleavage when wearing a V-neck dress, but pretty much just showcasing your sternum instead.

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Accidentally dropping food down your shirt and having it fall all the way to your waist because you don't have the boobs to catch it. Or, no matter how tight you think the band is, wearing a strapless bra and having it eventually become a bra-belt.

Trying to enhance what little cleavage you DO have by watching a YouTube tutorial on cleavage contouring Trying out those silicone petal padding things for the first time only to xxx videos guatemala out they don't like to stay in place that well.

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Rolling your eyes at the people who tell you that you're lucky you can just go braless everywhere Finding a really cute dress or top but realizing there is WAY small much extra room in the boob area. Women to constantly pull up a low-cut top because you keep accidentally flashing your bra Being bloated after eating and realizing your stomach sticks out as much as or more than your boobs.

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Spending hours googling how to make your with look bigger only boobs realize nothing will magically give you another cup size. Share On vk Share On vk Share. Share On lineapp Share On lineapp.

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