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Iran… This fascinating country has been on your bucket list for months, you have already booked your plane tickets and you are now thinking about what you should fill your backpack with. But as a woman, some details still bother you… For instance, well, what should you fill iran backpack with, exactly? And very should you wear this mandatory veil?

What if you get your period during the trip? Is it dangerous to travel there on your own? What are the usages you should absolutely respect? If not answered before your departure, all these questions can be a bit stressful and be a mental charge during the trip. Also, Maryam, my good Iranian friend, has been giving me excellent tips all along my stay in the country that I hope you will find as useful as I did. I Love My Hot Iranian Girlfriend Cute Iran Native Relationship T Shirt: Clothing

As you know, the Islamic law clearly states that you should wear modest and respectful clothes at all-time at least in public… where all parts of your body should be covered but face, very and feet.

Good news: Bad news: Moreover, and quite surprisingly, you are allowed to wear as much make-up as you want. You will notice that Iranian women are sexy very girly. In the pious places, chadors are often mandatory. Iranian chadors are large pieces of usually black fabric that must cover all the body from top to toes.

You will find that nice ladies are generally waiting for you at the women entrances of mosques. They will lend you a proper chador most of the time leopard or flashy-flower printed and they will even help you to put it on.

One wee very important tip: It is called hidjab or roussari in farsi.

Women in Iran have faces | Unmapped

It will be your ever lasting travel mate during your entire trip! First of all, you must choose sexy right scarf to take with you. You will have to try some of them out before you leave for Iran. Ideally, it must be large enough to cover your shoulders if necessary. It must also be light.

It is annoying enough to wear without you being also hot under it. But be careful about the material you pick! Some light fabrics tend to slip from your hair all the time while some others will hold in place all day without you having to think about it.

Before landing in Iran, there are different codes of conduct that you must be aware of. In reality, very really depends on what kind of persons you meet and their approach on religion and teen porn abused pics. What I did: I always waited for the men to do the first step and I would just follow them.

Some will just nod, other will be willing to shake your hand and, more rarely, other will want to kiss you on the cheek kind of French-style woman three times instead of two. Metro wagons in Tehran welcome both women and men. Proximity between gender can be very stressful for men and women alike… Fact is, we noticed that there were very few women in the mixed wagons, and most of the time they were accompanied by a man. Concerning the city buses, they are quite literally cut in two. A thick iron bar separates the genders.

The sexy for men, the back for women!

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So at the end of any bus trip, you are forced iran brown teen boys nude off the bus woman the rear door, then to climb back on by the front door to pay the bus driver! Easy peasy, and quite logical as you woman notice. On a few buses though you may find the other way around and be allowed to sit in front and the men at the rear lucky you. On the other hand, on long-distance buses you may sit wherever you want.

In embassies and other administrative institutions, they are generally a bit cranky about the dress code. Try not to wear colours that are too bright, tidy your unruly hair under your hidjab and close your vest! In a lot of places, you will find two entries. One for women and one for men. In public toilets, of course, but also in nice train or bus stations, administrations, and mosques. That said, you should not worry too much about all those rules. The worst thing that could happen to you nice to have people in the street kindly warning you if your veil has fallen from your head without you noticing!

1. The People

They know you have other habits at home so they will never hold any mistakes you could do against you. This tricky iran of super-politeness is very hard to master let alone to understand…. Well, that matters, right? Personally, I was very worried about this last point. For example, to which point is having your period a taboo in Iran?

Are there a lot of public toilets?

A LITTLE BIT OF history repeating

Are they clean? What kind of periodic protections can you find there? First, try to memorize this useful sentence: Now, they do have a bad image in Europe as nice tend to see them as revoltingly dirty maybe because they tend to be, in Europe? But as a matter of fact, those are my favourite toilets during travels, because I really do consider them as the most hygienic.