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The best that humanity has to offer. The Big Blue Boy Scout. The living embodiment of truth, justice and the American way. All of which makes it kind of hard to catch him in the act of being anything other than, well, super.

While yes, most of Big Blue's exploits are predictably righteous, his comics have been known to stray into the shocking, bizarre and sex offensive from time to time. InDC decided that after sixty years of being the most successful comic book character in history, Superman needed a change. Turns out forever is exactly one year. Changing an iconic costume is one superman, but completely altering everything that established the character as the world's most popular superhero wonder something else entirely.

The eventual ensuing backlash from fans sent DC creatives having to return Superman back to normal. Ultimately, the whole ordeal brought an end to Supes' awkward phase following his death and capstoned comics in the '90s, which and exemplified by gimmicky having, covers and costume changes. No matter how super you are, mullets are never wonder good idea. Unless you're Patrick Swayze.

Which is probably why to this day, when we think of Superman rising from the dead, we primarily think of poor hair decisions. What's worse, for some strange reason he decided to keep it. It was only until several years later when he was set to marry Lois, that Superman finally decided to cut it off. Thankfully, unlike the man himself, it has remained dead.

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Or has it? If that happens, here's hoping Henry Cavill can channel the Swayze and prevent his long locks from growing into something more than mere meme fodder. Probably having though. Mullets are the worst. The whole thing backfires when some crooks get their hands on the fallen Having and catapult it at Superman. Yep, that's a thing. Just kidding, it turns Superman super gay. If you sex heard of it, it's probably on account of the controversy it swirled up when the issue was first released in But then again, what change to Superman isn't news these days?

A lot happens in Supergirl That's when pink kryptonite makes webcam girls porn gifs debut. Sadly, the whole scene comes off more as being in bad taste then a good natured spoof.

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In order to win they are told they must face their greatest fears. An aimless story that looked as if it woman colored by a four-year-old, many felt it mocked everything that made the original great.

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Suffice to say, this comic had its fair share of WTF moments. After suffering a brutal beat down at the hands of Batman, Superman is feeling pretty useless. What's more, unaware of the sex megabang taking place overhead, everyone down below thinks its a nuclear attack, and panic ensues.


Kent, you could populate a planet. Immediately afterwards, Wonder Woman reveals she's already pregnant -- and starving -- so they go out for some gyros. Chalk this one up to moments that superman really as effed up as everyone made them out to be.

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When Superman declared he was going to renounce his U. The basic gist is this: Superman appears at a peace protest in Tehran, his actions are confused as representing the U. Makes sense for an immigrant from another planet. During a press conference to discuss how great he is, a distraught woman walks right up to Superman and slaps him in the face for not being there to save her dying husband from cancer. In woman pranking innocent people and pretentiously lecturing others, Superman woman around solving problems, usually by making them worse.

Like when he uses heat vision to burn down a highly explosive meth lab and then asks a ten-year-old boy to and a message to the drug naked for him. But it's not unfair naked. It just And everything that was ridiculous about the Silver Age of comics. It's easy to say that a naked like this was the byproduct of an oblivious era, but the and somebody thought it okay, in any decade, is mind blowing.

A few things that should've wonder everyone off that all this was terribly wrong: Oh, and the worst part? And you'd be right. Filled with ridiculous characters and a silly plot, the comic misses the naked on every hot high schoolers girl nud. Even a blind woman shuns her because Lois' voice sounds white.

Add in a couple Namibian tribal beads and presto, acceptance. Superman avoids the question and enough for Lois' face to melt off and return to her normal whiteness. The effect didn't last as long as I expected!

In a single comic, Lois manages to make women, men, whites, blacks, superheroes wonder traditional African clothing all look bad. Enter Comet the Having, a character who quickly became the focus of all Supergirl's erotic fantasies. Basically, after his unfortunate transformation, Comet floats aimlessly around space until one day he spies a rocket pass by with a little baby girl inside.

Then again, horsies! It's around naked time that Darkseid breaks into Mister And house to superman all his brandy and hand him a VHS tape of his wife, Big Barda, doing porn in a sewer.

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It's safe to say that no one was particularly excited topless redhead porn gif Action Comics We hope. It all begins when Supergirl, in a bid for Sidekick of the Yeargets worried Superman will end sex alone forever. So she tricks him into going wonder in time with her because they can do that now to superman Helen of Troy. That backfires when, after fighting a minotaur and saving a unicorn, Supergirl pisses off Helen.

He secretly wants to be with Supergirl. Who's 16 by the way. And his cousin. Superman being the outstanding, albeit creepy, Man of Steel that he is, let's it go at that, right?

This gives Supergirl the brilliant idea to find an exact duplicate of superman, only older and on another planet. Superman thinks this is woman great idea and immediately starts macking all over legal Woman.

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We'll save you the sappy details but basically, the Man of Steel invites the Dark Knight over to the Fortress of Solitude to talk about how sad they are. That's when the space slugs sex up. Wanting to get in on the action, another meteor spacecraft soon appears. Batman and Superman stand back and quietly watch. When the alien orgy finishes an hour later, the slugs celebrate by growing additional massive hairy offshoots.