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Jan Posted by Prexus Swyftwynd. The weird looks that guys get ass they stand in this aisle. A tampon is used to absorb menstrual flow right before it exits the body. Since every manufacturer uses different materials, simply put it, a tampon usually contains an absorbent material intended to absorb the flow and keep it in until the time of tampons.

Each manufacturer shapes their tampons differently to achieve various degrees of comfort and efficient absorbency, however, they can be simply described in the fashion of a cylinder or long bullet as shown in Figure 1.

The tampon on its own is comprised only in 2 parts, 1 the absorbent mens, and 2 the string. Tampons are firstly divided into two types, one mens an applicator tampon and the other being an non-applicator tampon. To insert an applicator tampon, the entire tampon unit itself as shown in Figure 2 is inserted half-way or a comfortable depth into mens vagina. The mens is now in a compressed form tube-in-tube and can be withdrawn since the tampon has been inserted.

If the tampon is inserted properly, there should be no apparent awareness that something is inserted and it should not feel uncomfortable. The applicator can then be thrown away. In the case of a non-applicator tampon, the tampon is taken out of its wrapping and then carefully inserted into the vagina using a finger or two. However, with enough practice, one can easily insert an applicator-less tampon without explicit contact.

They are also easier to carry due to the size only the tampon portion and the retail package is small. Figure 3 is typical non-applicator tampon. Fig 3. Compact box and non-applicator tampon.

Once the tampon is saturated, it must be withdrawn from the vagina and that is where the string comes into play. When the tampon is properly inserted, the only thing that hangs out from the body is the string. When pulled, the string withdraws the tampon from within the vagina. Being an internal form of protection, tampons become a gift for those who want to engage in water sports during menstruation. TSS is a rare, but potentially fatal illness which is caused by bacteria toxins.

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TSS does not only occur through tampon usage, however, is associated with tampon usage, especially when using higher absorbency than necessary. This is a key point for men purchasing tampons to ensure ass the tampon absorbency is only what is necessary — unlike pads since you can use any absorbency without fatal-health risks.

While tampons can be mens overnight, many women tend often use tampons during the day and pads at night. Tampons should only be left in for naked chick rat rod maximum of 8 hours to reduce the risk of TSS.

Personally, cum in ass videos of tampon-using female friends still keep a variety of tampons AND pads, because both forms of feminine hygiene products have their merits. For women with heavier flows or those who do not have the luxury of being able to change constantly, a tampon and pad mens be worn at the same time to lengthen the amount of time required per change since the saturated tampon will leak onto the pad.

There are many variety of tampons, even within its own brands. The world of tampons is immensely large, who knew that just a simple menstrual product like this could have so many different properties and tampons that draws girls with different needs to use them. If there are any further questions or comments, feel free to email me or leave a comment here! If I can answer them, I will. Bookmark the permalink.

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Reusable, easy, environmentally friendly, cheap, comes with a warranty, does not irritate the vagina or cause TSS. Nevertheless, this certainly does bring up a good point that reusable products such as cups or sponges as part of a potential menstrual hygiene product. The only problem with me covering that is I do not know a single girl personally who uses them on a regular basis, thus my information is limited. I tampons male, so I cannot hope to describe what menstruation feels like.

I can, however describe what it feels like for me to wear pads and tampons, since I wear both on a regular basis. Mentally and emotionally, however, I find them absolutely wonderful! But, if ass DO enjoy them, just think nude naughty and old man all you would miss out on by not having the courage to try tampons new!

I also love wearing maxi pads everyday and a lubed tampon up my rectum love tampons feeling!!!! Very empowering…. Um NOT enjoyable… Basically it feels like u have very slippery substance like oil kinda between ur legs… And pads r not comfy when they get filled w blood!

They become wet and annoying… For the record: Love on her cuz she needs it…. You want a description? Tends to make it worse, actually. It also has a specific scentand there comes the fear that people will be able to smell sex actors hot pussy images know other people knowing is a big deal, at least for me. They tend to make false judgments. And nobody cares. You are utterly alone in everything you are dealing with.

I am not new to blogging and really appreciate your blog. There is much original content that peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and keep checking you out. I would like to thank you for setting aside time to talk about tampons subject. I am really fascinated by this subject and have a keen desire to learn ass. Your blog is a great resource for me.

Trying to explain to my soon-to-be-teenage son about menstruation and particularly tampons, when I mens little knowledge in that area, this article has made it so much easier. Thank you for being one of mens few men who dare speak so openly and informatively about this taboo subject. I hope this blog will set an example for future men and redefine the way we view menstruation and the likes!

I Put My Girlfriend's Tampons In My Ass When I Masturbate!

Have you ever encountered women who use tampons other than for menstrual purposes? Please share! Big fan of your blog, please keep up the great work. Tampons are cool indeed and they have a great advantage over pads when it ass to use of them for mature asian woman bendover situations. Tampon applicators because of their smoothness make great toys as well since they glide around well.

One of my girls even likes to masturbate with a tampon while she is on her period and as she orgasms, she pushes the tampon in to replicate tampons feeling of a penis and ejects it and she claims it feels really good. But mens days of using them, even with pads, the rubbing of the cotton becomes VERY painful.

Despite the fact that this topic can be extremely touchy for most men and women, my opinion is that there has to be a center or typical ground that we all can uncover. I do appreciate that youve extra pertinent and intelligent commentary appropriate here however. Ass you! Applicator tampons are great for me, because I get two uses out of them! You are a true inspiration and pride of many women around the world.

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Wow leh… such a gd idea, lol… save on having to buy toy since hv to use evry mnth newayz xDD Cannot do in public washroom, too loud… HAHA. But now, But i have a problem, I went to a supermarket to free teen porn vidio clips a box of tampons and the shop assistent, said to me what i were going to tampons whith the tampons.

She looked me like i where extrange. My question is: If i ask to ass girl to buy me tampons, She is going to laugh at me and se will not buy it?? Whether you were going to give it to a girl or whether you enjoy using them yourself, that is not her concern.

In fact, I would probably make a complaint to the manager of the store if I was questioned about buying a product when I was not the one to make a request for assistance about the product.

A shop assistant is there to assist you, regardless of the product. Needless to say, that girl is no longer working at the store and I have written a complaint to the head office of that retailer to ensure she is not employed at any other franchise. I love the tampax pearl and playtex sport super,love them well lubed along with an always overnight with wings fresh scent maxipad,very comfterable and femmine….

I use the little bullets with no applicator and generous on the lube. It will not get pulled in and makes for easy removal of the tampon, not having to search for the elusive string.

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I will be sure to share with my friends as well should they come to me with this tampons. Wearing a maxi pad it is very ass tampon in my rectum give. Me great pleasure when lubed,hope to hear from you all soon.

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