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Body ink was once the domain of outcasts and fringe types, but inif you aren't tattooed, you're the odd one out! Or, in this case, the odd man out, since we've collected a list of 20 of the sexiest inked studs in Hollywood. Whether it's a full sleeve or a couple of random pieces sprinkled all over their hawt bodies, these 20 celebs wear their tattoos and their ink like badges of honor.

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They don't need bracelets or watches or any other fancy accessories, since their tattoos adorn them in a much more personal and not to mention permanent way. Be prepared xxxfatty clutch your chest upon looking at some of these hot and tattooed dudes. We're not analyzing the quality of the inkings — there bollywood nude fucking babes plenty of bad, subpar, and poorly drawn tattoos among them.

We're merely gawking, "oohing" and "aahing" at the bodies on which the artwork lives. From Adam Levine, whose arms are covered, studs Johnny Depp, who has tats here studs there, to Louis Tomlinson of One Direction, who continues to collect tattooed art, check 'em out. And you're welcome. Begin slideshow. Adam Levine The Maroon 5 singer boasts two full sleeves. He also has ink on his chest, but his arms are his signature.

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Imagine having those wrapped around you in a post-coital hug! Bam Margera The MTV bad boy is tattooed fan of black eyeliner and lots and lots of awesome and gothy tattoos. Lenny Kravitz The rocker and actor is one of the most stylish celebs working today.

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He always looks damn good. Those tattoos are a nice touch. Johnny Depp The newly-married actor is long past his "Winona Forever" tattoo days, but he does have pieces sprinkled all over his arms. LeBron James The baller's arms, which are the key tools of his occupation, are decorated heavily with tattoos. Pharrell Williams The "Happy" singer, songwriter and tattooed has inked studs.

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Pete Wentz The Fall Out Boy bassist and father of two has been collecting tattoos, which decorate his arms, for quite some time. Zayn Malik betty page nude videos a bunch, but now he's out of the band, so it's Louis and Harry carrying the ink flag in 1D.

Harry Styles We can forgive Hazza for his seemingly disconnected, piss-poor, jailhouse-style tattoos, since he is so, so, so freakin' cute. But he does have stick-and-poke looking studs and we don't likey. The Rock While we can't smell what The Rock is cooking right now, we can gawk at his inked, beefcake-like arms. Jesse James The reality TV star has a dubious romantic history and he is pretty much scum for cheating on Sandra Bullock, but his copious tattoos, which are spilled all over his arms and hands, are certainly impressive.

Except, you know, the neo-Nazi stuff. Lil Wayne The rapper is pretty much covered head-to-toe, including his face, tattooed neck, his arms, and his torso. Still, have you seen Weezy's washboard abs while performing shirtless? Mmm hmm. David Beckham Becks rocks two sleeves. So he is handsome, hot, athletically gifted and artsy! Jason Derulo The hunky singer has massive arms, which are adorned with tattoos.

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The piece studs also covers his shoulder and chest is way cool. Blake Shelton The country crooner and The Voice coach, who is also embroiled in a "bromance" with the heavily tattooed Adam Levine, has a tattoo on his forearm that's a nice enhancement to his inherent hunkiness. Kanye West Yeezy's wife — you know, Kim Kardashian — shared this IG snap of the rapper in the zone, tattooed fresh tattoos to his already covered arms.

Justin Bieber Okay, so The Biebs is no longer clean-cut and hasn't been for a while. But the singer and sometime bad boy does have a great, fit, and well-toned body, which is heavily decorated with tattoos.

Joel Madden Joel Madden: The Good Charlotte singer, husband of Nicole Richie, and twin brother of oft-inked Benji Madden, has collected tattooed a bit of art through the years. Benji Madden The Good Charlotte guitarist and new hubby of Cameron Diaz is heavily tattooed, from his neck studs his chest to his arms to his throat.

How cool that Tattooed royalty like Cam has such an tattooed husband, right?!

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Travis Barker The Blink drummer is serious tattooed his tattoos. His throat, neck, head, and arms boast studs of tattoos, and he even has one on his face.

He's still adorbs. Follow Us.

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